Why you will never be popular

In my last blog we figured out that popularity is everything that matters in this world to the sheeple, but now where does this lead us or them? Well very simple, they will try to become popular at any costs and they think by just imitating those who are popular, their celebrities, heroes whatever they will also become popular, but that is a delusion, they will never get there and here is why:

Popularity is the only metric that exists

I recently discovered that popularity is the only thing that matters in our world. Popularity is the only way to measure anything, the answer to any question and the ultimate argument. Everything that exists boils down to popularity, success, knowledge, skill, achievement and even arguments who is right and who not is decided by popularity aka democracy, who has the most people behind him, wins.

Open source gaming is a goon cult

After having experienced my "Open Source Games Groundhog Day" in my recent blog post I felt that somehow it feels similar to some phenomenon I witnessed before many times. Then it dawned on me and it is a goon cult, you know one of those vaporware projects, that never get finished, but keep making promises and their delusional overloyal fanbase will eat it up and stick to it and keep pouring money into it.

Why the left can't meme

Some time ago I noticed that leftists cannot meme, which is a meme in itself "The left can't meme" and I did some research on it, if there is a leftist that can do meme and I could not find a single one, well they do try to meme, but they are all not funny, they really seem to have no clue of memes and it really made my wonder why that is and I finally found the answer.

Open Source Games Groundhog Day

Most people probably remember the old movie "Groundhog Day" where the main protagonist was trapped in a time loop being forced to experience the same thing over and over again.
When browsing the supposedly open source games community websites I had a similar experience after noticing they constantly put up "new" news that are somehow identical to the "old" news all the time.

How a small algorithm change created the let's player plague

If you regularly watch youtube or other video platforms or streaming websites you may have noticed that by far one of the most popular trends is the let's plays, where people record themselves playing video games and give their stupid commentary into it, well this was not always the case, it was very likely created by just a small change in the youtube algorithm and therefore not organic.

How the internet is turning everyone into whores

In my last blog "The making money on the internet delusion" I concluded that making money on the internet is a delusion, but now I think I was partly wrong. You have to understand that I was assuming to make money in an ethical way, which is indeed hardly possible on the internet, but there is a trend that works relatively well and it is the prostitution model.

The making money on the internet delusion

Did you ever think that you can easily make money on the internet? Well think again or let me tell you here. First I did not really know how to call it, since I planned to do an article on a specific kind of platform that supports content creators like Patreon or platforms that allow monetization like Youtube, but then I figured it is more like the whole of the internet, since the alternatives to those mainstream monetization services are usually even worse, that is why I chose to call it "The making money on the internet delusion", since I think it is the totality of the internet that has this issue, at least for content creators.

Search bar idiots

The overuse of search bars is a good example of the dumbing down of humanity. It seems people nowadays become more and more incompetent at operating computers and the internet. Instead of using their brain to type in a website into the address bar (not the search bar) and then using their brain to navigate through the menus to find what they are seeking, they seem to now just use the search bar for everything.

The boredom of circular based multiplayer games

I already covered why linear story based games are boring, but this applies mostly to singleplayer games and I thought there must be an equivalent for multiplayer games, since somehow multiplayer games also feel boring, but it's not so clear why, so I try to break it down as well. At first I thought there may not be enough content for an article about this topic, but I will try anyway. The first problem was that I did not really knew how to call it, so I called it circular based, which sounds a bit weird, but I will now get to why I chose those terms.